Crimes Reported Near Downings, London

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Find crime statistics & chart of all crimes reported near Downings, London, along with their occurrence date and crime outcome. View crime spots on the map for crimes committed near the street.


  1. The total number of crimes committed near Downings, London, from April 2022 to February 2024, is 1.
  2. Metropolitan Police Force is responsible for maintaining safety on or near Downings.
  3. Downings in London comes under the local authority district Newham and the administrative ward Beckton.
  4. Geo coordinates of the centre of the street are [51.513, 0.065].
  5. The Nearest Bus Stop to Downings, London, is Winsor Park Estate at 205.65 metres.
  6. The Nearest Metro Station to Downings, London, is Beckton DLR Station at 412.80 metres.
  7. The Nearest Airport to Downings, London, is London City Airport at 1.78 km.

If you have witnessed or been a victim of a crime near Downings, London, report a crime to Metropolitan Police.

All Crimes Reported Near Downings, London (April 2022 - February 2024)

Crime Date Crime Type Reported By Outcome
2022-04 Vehicle crime Metropolitan Police Service Investigation complete; no suspect identified

Number Of Crimes By Category

Crime Category Number of Crimes
Vehicle crime 1

Crime Statistics Near Downings, London

Public Transport Near Downings, London

Bus Stops

Stop Location Distance
Winsor Park Estate
205.65 metres
Horse Leaze
358.81 metres
Horse Leaze
378.91 metres
East Ham Manor Way Covelees Wall
385.14 metres
East Ham Manor Way Covelees Wall
435.41 metres

Metro Stations

Station Location Distance
Beckton DLR Station
Travel Inn, Woolwich Manor Road, Beckton
412.80 metres
Gallions Reach DLR Station
Armada Way, Royal Docks Road, Gallions Reach
755.21 metres
Cyprus DLR Station
University of East London Roundabout, Royal Albert Way, Cyprus
780.77 metres
Beckton Park DLR Station
Centre of Beckton Park Roundabout, Royal Albert Way, Beckton Park
1.11 km
King George V DLR Station
Rymill Street, Silvertown
1.50 km


Airport Location Distance
London City Airport
1.78 km
Biggin Hill Airport
Leaves Green
20.44 km
London Heathrow Airport Terminal 4
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4
36.29 km
London Heathrow Airport Terminal 1
Heathrow Airport
36.34 km
London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2
Heathrow Airport
36.35 km

Ferry Ports

Port Location Distance
Woolwich Ferry North Pier
A117 Pier Road, North Woolwich
1.99 km
Woolwich Arsenal Pier
Off Granby Road, Woolwich
2.24 km
Woolwich Ferry South Pier
Ferry Approach, Woolwich
2.25 km
Barrier Gardens Pier
Off Unity Way, Woolwich
2.83 km
Royal Wharf Pier
Cable Street, Silvertown
3.48 km

Other Crime Locations Nearby Downings, London

Crime Location Distance (in miles)
Peverel 0.06
Bradymead 0.07
Tunnan Leys 0.08
Horse Leaze 0.08
Ashen 0.08
Tunnan Leys 0.08
Newark Knok 0.11
Harebell Drive 0.18
Winsor Terrace 0.19
Edmund Hurst Drive 0.22 © 2023. All rights reserved.